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Dr. Kálmán Vánky (15.06.1930--18.10.2021) 

























Short introduction

Szekely-Hungarian, born in 1930, in Transylvania (Romania). Studied biology and medicine in Hungarian and Rumanian. Practised medicine (mainly as GP) but interested also in plant diseases. Of these, as a hobby and research subject, the smut fungi (Ustilaginomycotina) were chosen, and as many different species as possible were collected. In 1969 moved to Sweden and worked as a physician. Obtained Ph.D. in botany at Uppsala University (Supervisor: Prof. J. A. Nannfeldt. Thesis: Carpathian Ustilaginales, 1985). In 1986 moved to Germany working exclusively with the smut fungi, collecting, identifying, describing, illustrating, classifying and publishing species and genera from all over the world. The results were published in 234 papers and 10 books. In these, 410 new species, 46 new genera and numerous higher taxa (families, orders etc.) were described. A modern collection of smut fungi, Herb. Ustil. Vánky (HUV) was built up, numbering more than 22.000 specimens. A smut fungus exsiccata (Vánky, Ust. exs. no. 1-1350) was edited. Of it, about 76.000 specimens were sent to all major mycological herbaria of the world. A comprehensive book, Smut Fungi of the World, appeared in 2012. The 3rd ed. of Illustrated Genera of Smut Fungi was published in 2013.