Kálmán Vánky: Illustrated Genera of Smut Fungi

APS Press, The American Phytopathological Society, [2013] ©2013

viii + 288 pages, 116 b/w photos and illustrations




   In Illustrated Genera of Smut Fungi, Third Edition, the world's top authority on the topic, Dr. Kálmán Vánky, uses molecular phylogenetic analyses and extensive collecting activity to bring you a better and expanded classification of smut fungi. In this third edition, 104 recognized genera of smut fungi are identified, described and illustrated, compared to the second edition, in which 77 genera are identified. While Illustrated Genera presents many theoretical aspects in connection with smut fungi, it particularly helps readers recognize and identify in which genus it belongs. It also discusses problems with smut fungi classification, stimulating researchers to solve them. Identification is made easier in this edition through 116 black and white illustrations, amended descriptions, and a new key to the smut fungus genera, one based on host plant families. And with the help of the recently published Smut Fungi of the World, Dr. Vánky's complementary book on this important topic, the nearly 1,700 known species of smut fungi can be identified. This reference source provides stimulation and utility for all interested in mycology, phytopathology, taxonomy, and botany, including students, teachers, researchers, government- scientists, and even amateurs. Every diagnostic lab and agricultural library should have access to the new update of this classic manual. With more than 60 years of research and experience in the field of smut fungi, resulting in the description of more than 400 new species, 46 new genera, and 12 new families published in more than 225 papers and several books, Dr. Kálmán Vánky, world authority on the smut fungi, presents highly scientific work in an easily understandable form.